Chamas are a great avenue to boost social interactions, pool funds for investment and a source of social and moral support. Chamas in Kenya started out as women contribution groups, but have over the years garnered the support of men ,youth and old alike. So, what does it take to build a successful chama? Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Choose your members wisely – This is where most of us fail. For a chama to work seamlessly and to achieve its objectives, you need to choose members who are like minded, hold the same vision for the chama (similar business goals) and have similar values.
  2.   Define your goal – Goal definition covers the scope of which the chama will operate. Create a clear guideline covering the purpose of the chama, what you want to achieve with it, how to achieve it and what is required of members to ensure the same is met.
  3. Have clear rules within the group – Rules are needed to navigate around issues such as  when and how much to contribute, defaulting on payments, late payments, attendance of meetings and other aspects that will ensure that the chama operations run smoothly.
  4. Let Mula chama&changa work for you – Mula changa and chama is a safe, fast, transparent and secure platform to make group payments. It has multiple options for instant sending and transferring of money including MPesa, Airtel money and mobile banking accounts. The platform allows for real-time tracking and updating of contributions, pledges and balances. Data privacy is of high priority and User data is encrypted and never shared to third parties. Timely reminders and notifications are also sent to avoid late payments that attract member fines. The platform is accessible on web, USSD and mobile channels. Download Mula App now on:
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