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Africa’s technology ecosystems have experienced “incredible growth” as they have rapidly expanded in recent years. Tech communities and Hubs are mushrooming all over Africa, with 618 active tech hubs providing “the backbone of Africa’s tech ecosystem,” according to the GSMA

In East Africa Kenya, the silicon Savannah of Africa, tech communities are on the rise and have played such an important role in pushing for innovation in the region. One such community is Next-Gen Tech.

What is Next-Gen Tech

Next generation technology(Next-Gen Tech) is a community of tech lovers and innovators. The aim of the community is to bring together all the different stakeholders in the tech space including students, instructors,tech leaders and  individuals working in various roles in the tech industry on a collaborative platform, to share ideas ,learn ,up-skill and grow the tech ecosystem. 

Formed in 2018 by fintech Guru Cellulant in collaboration with Edu tech giant Moringa school, Next-gen tech has ran for two years. In that time the community has grow tremendously and has impacted the lives of many in the Kenyan tech community through its programs.

About cellulant and Moringa

It’s co-founder Cellulant is a leading Pan-African technology company that organizes Africa’s Marketplace by connecting buyers, sellers and other critical stakeholders with an underlying payments solution that enables them to make and receive payments.

They provide a single digital payments platform that runs an ecosystem of consumers, retailers, merchants, banks, mobile network operators, Governments and International Development Partners.

On the other hand, Moringa School is a multi-disciplinary learning accelerator committed to providing young Africans with technical and professional skills training across Africa. Moringa school’s mission is to transform higher education throughout Africa and enable graduates to be globally competitive through market driven education. Currently training students in Software development and Data Science. 

Together, this two organizations have leveraged on their competencies to create great value for their community members including organizing workshops and seminars, online programs and Tech events. The ALX community has played a big role in this success by providing their co-working spaces for facilitation of the events.

The community values are:

  • Transformation and Impact
  • Making Tech Accessible to everyone
  • Skills training and Innovation

Building Tech Skills for a Data Driven Future

This year, Next-gen Tech will be organizing a FREE Beginner Data Science online engagement program that will run from April to November 2020

The program is aimed at up skilling the community members with Technical skills in data science including data analysis, machine learning, Big data techniques, data modelling and visualization, data engineering and data research and cleaning. To sign up for the program click http://bit.ly/ngt-membership

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