Finding Financial Freedom in the Midst of Pregnancy
Tingg digital stories, Eveline, A Widow and a mother based in Anka LGA of Zamfara State, Nigeria

I am not the only one who now has peace of mind…we are many women in the scheme

I was married to a paramilitary man and we lived a happy comfortable life with our five children in Anka LGA of Zamfara State until one night in October 2016. That night, Boko Haram insurgents attacked our village and my husband was killed in the line of duty. That night, everything about my life changed. 

I was pregnant and suddenly had to find ways to afford my prenatal and medical care feed and clothe my children and pay for our one-bedroom apartment. Our family structures are close and I have received some assistance from them especially my uncle Godwin and his wife Memuna. He is a traditional herbalist and she is a midwife so she checks on me to ensure I am healthy and monitors my pregnancy. Though our village is remote I am grateful we have a local hospital where I can attend for my prenatal and medical care.

One day I heard about a pregnant woman receiving money on their phones using Tingg. I couldn’t believe that was possible so I went to find out. There was a welfare program for pregnant women from Save the Children giving N3500 every month and even if we don’t have banks in our area as long as I had a Tingg account, I could receive the money. So I quickly joined Tingg then I joined the welfare program and in a few moments had access to financial aid and access to services. 

Every month I receive the n3500 on my Tingg account and I can pay for good prenatal care as well as care for my children and pay our bills. I am hopeful now that my baby will be healthy and it gives me financial freedom and peace of mind. I am not the only one who has this peace of mind…we are many women in the scheme who are very grateful for the services Tingg has brought to us. Small things like this make a big difference in our lives.

Eveline, widow and mother, Anka LGA of Zamfara State

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