The Gem of Rabour

In the beautiful western part of Kenya lies the cool and still (bucolic) village of Rabour. Rabour is the headquarters of Kadibo Division of Kisumu County and is well known for rice farming. .  Recently, Rabour has stood out in western Kenya as a hub for women and community empowerment. Rabour hosts one of the largest facilities for this called the Armstrong Women Empowerment Center (AWEC); an organization with hundreds of members whose drive is to offer a place where women, girls and boys can drive positive transformation in their various communities. 

In the past 4 months, Tingg team had the opportunity to engage with the group during our monthly community event in Kisumu County. This community of vibrant women has been a valuable addition to our network.  The group has been able to leverage our payments platform to make their community fundraising projects more efficient and seamless by having a collective platform to raise funds that is interactive and easy to use. AWEC also plans to use the Tingg platform to collect revenues from their different activities including their peanut butter production and basket making. 

Founded by Elva Rebecca Ondiek –AWEC is grounded in the belief that the best way to grow communities and people is by providing skills and talent that can create income-generating activities and reduce poverty levels.

AWEC was originally started to serve as a safe haven for women who had experienced the cultural customs of early marriage, marital rape, physical, and emotional abuse. Today however, the center helps local women learn employable skills such as tailoring garments, sewing, weaving, artwork, decor mat making, and financial skills. These skills are essential to helping the women provide for their families, but more importantly,  they are able to support themselves while working through their experiences  trauma of violation while empowering them to stand up for themselves.

The center also offers a program for young boys called the Armstrong Sungura Boys Club. This provides some activities for young boys which keeps them off the streets and away from activities that can lead them toward a negative life direction.

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