My Tingg Neighborhood Banker Story
Emmanuel, a Tingg Neighbourhood Banker in the Gwarimpa area of FCT in Nigeria

I live in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria and I had graduated from college then completed my compulsory national youth service by the time I was 24 years old all the while looking forward to being retained in the Real Estate Firm where I had served; sadly it wasn’t to be.

I had spent many weeks visiting placement firms that promise help with job placements for recent graduates without success. One hot afternoon as I walked through the central business district past the central mosque, I saw a kiosk labelled “Neighbourhood Banker.” Wondering what that could be I started a conversation with Abdullahi the young man in the kiosk. Fondly called Abdul by his team and he explained the concept of the “Neighbourhood Banker” or NBS as it is called and it was so simple.

One simply needed to be sponsored by a registered Tingg Partner who has the financial capability and is looking to grow his or her income but does not have the time to run other businesses. To solve this, the Tingg Partner invests in the Neighbourhood Banks and in turn creates jobs for young people to help make the financial landscape better by bringing banking services and solutions to the heart of the communities thus easing the resident’s lives. 

I was immediately interested and Abdul introduced me to his sponsor who took me through the vetting process and soon I became an NBS Banker in the Gwarimpa area of FCT. I am so happy that now I have a source of livelihood that allows me to live comfortably as well as enables me to help other young people to find Tingg partners in their states get jobs and be financially stable. 

Emmanuel, NBS Banker in the Gwarimpa area of FCT

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