Tingg on WhatsApp?

I could not believe it when I bought my KPLC tokens through WhatsApp the other day. I saw an ad on facebook and I decided to try it out . Best decision ever!

I am two months in and I am hooked. So let me break it down for you…WhatsApp recently announced it has crossed the 2 Billion global user mark making it by far the most popular messaging app on the planet. In Africa, it’s the first app you download upon buying a smartphone.

As a result of its expansive growth and use across the globe, whatsApp has continued to innovate to add value to consumers and businesses. One of the ways they have achieved this is through the WhatsApp Chat bot.

The WhatsApp Bot is a chat bot or software program you can use specifically on the popular encrypted messaging app WhatsApp. It allows humans to communicate with digital devices as if having a human conversation.

The Bot enables you to

-Embark on conversational commerce and manage customer issues in real time

-Provide your customers with easy and quick support on a platform they use often

-It’s an additional and popular channel that allows you to pay bills conveniently. This also a plus for the IOS users as we await the IOS APP launch

Tingg on whatsApp?- How it works

Step 1: Save Tingg business number +254769646816  as a contact on your phone

Step 2: Salute Bot e.g. ‘Hi’ ,’Hey’, ‘Hello ’to see a list of Airtime & Bill payments you can make

Step 3: Select option of the service you wish to purchase(The Bot will guide you through the purchase process)

Step 4: You will automatically receive an STK push to key in your MPesa pin

This feature is available in Kenya for Bill pay only. Click Tingg Bot to start. Enjoy!

Try it out and let us know about the experience on the comment section.

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