Transforming Bauchi Through SME Financial Inclusion

The sun is blazing hot and people have gathered around, sitting, squatting and listening to a presentation about a new financial inclusion technology that will help them in their business. Many are sceptical about the discussion but several faces light up the mention of the word money, after all, everyone wants an investor to provide liquidity for their business and they often don’t even care where it comes from.

Critical question asked included: How will it help our business? How is it different? We have heard it all before when companies come and they go, yet we remain. What do you want for this money that you want to give us? How much do we have to repay? How much time do we have before we have to repay? What is the repayment period?  So on and so forth.

We provide simple and clear answers to these legitimate questions. 

We are here to stay and ensure that this is a sustainable project. Just think of when everyone is timely in their repayment and committed to the project. It will grow, develop a life of its own, and revolve around all the businesses and willing participants and in a short time provide enormous. We have partnered to BoI and other governmental agencies to provide the finances that are to be disbursed through our technology. Based on their recommendations, the program is a zero loan-interest funding and the hope is that participants take advantage of this and develop a savings culture, which it will create additional access and benefits from the government. 

We have generated great confidence and interest from the State and our financial partners that they do not think twice about increasing the value of funds supplied to more than was initially budgeted. This is primarily because the success rate is layered on our transparent, convenient, sustainable, technology that clearly supports local businesses. We have also given users the power to be a strong position for financial inclusion in the growing economy irrespective of how little they save for their rainy days. This is very unique as no one has ever provided this. 

We at Cellulant are committed to transforming the lives of ordinary people with simple and efficient payment products. We are the single payment platform that tailored for Africa’s finance, retail, agriculture, health, power, education, water, and entertainment & internet sectors.

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