Create a seamless payment experience

Our secure payment platform enables you to accept mobile payments, local debit cards and digital banking transfers giving your customers a seamless payment experience.

With us, you can go on and access new markets and grow your business without the worry of payment integrations across borders, channels or providers. 

Payments should be easy

Tingg POS provides your business with terminals for in-store payments. Our infrastructure enables you to accept and process payments from your customers whether they are mobile, direct bank transfer, debit/credit card.

Extend your payment capabilities into key African markets

With Tingg, your global retail merchants can cater to local expectations and needs, wherever your customers. We eliminate boundaries across channels and geographies enabling you to expand by making these markets more accessible.

”Tingg is your essential partner connecting your merchants to a single secure payment gateway across key Africa. All you need is one contract, one integration.

Tingg for Agents

As a Tingg Agent, you will provide support services to individuals or organisations in a particular location, making it possible and easy to access financial services at flexible hours in remote communities.

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Tingg provides a payments infrastructure and solutions that enable businesses around the world to accept and process payments on any payment channel of choice.

Our Agents provide the following support services:

Account opening

Bill payment

Money transfer

Bulk SMS

Airtime Top-up

Cash withdrawal

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