Collect In-Store Payment Across Africa

Tingg Instore is a  Proximity Payment Service that allows you to collect payments from different payment options in your store without the need for costly hardware or software. 


With Instore, You’ll be able Collect Digital Payments From Your Shop through Mobile Money, Bank Transfer & Card Payments.

Manage All Your Payments On One Portal

Never miss a sale! 

On a single dashboard, you can see all your collections across different payment methods. 

Your payments will be validated instantly, your transactions will be automated and processed in real-time and you’ll be able to manage both split and partial payments.

Get Your Money in your Account Fast

Instore Payments is well-designed for businesses that operate physical stores, from small single stores to large enterprises with multiple stores across regions or countries. Businesses get a dashboard and tools to manage their business with a single view spanning all payment methods across all their stores and counters.

With Instore Payments, you get simplified reconciliation and dispute management tools that give business owners a seamless settlement process

If you need an online payment platform for your business, look no further than Instore from Tingg. We are proud to offer this service for businesses so that owners can easily and safely process payments from customers.

Read on to learn more about how Instore can help you simplify the payment process for your business. Discover the ways that we can help protect you and your company from fraudulent payments and theft. We can also help you get your payments processed quickly so that you have access to the money you need to continue running your business.

Fill out our online contact form, and a member of our sales team will be happy to get back to you and answer any additional questions you may have.

Safe & Secure

Reduce revenue leakage and operational costs associated with handling large amounts of cash such as fraud, theft, cash-in-transit costs and fake notes

Collect, Disburse, And Start Engaging With Your Customers Today. Get Instore Today!

This is what our trusted partners had to say about us.

Since going live with Tingg, we’ve noted that customers are expressing pleasure in having this simplified way of paying. It’s clear that this improves their customer experience when they visit our shops by reducing the morning queues at distribution points during high traffic times.

Lake Harvest

We have already processed millions of transactions in 2021 alone. We have served over 550,000 unique consumers through a network of over 100,000 merchants, across all the major Kenyan towns.”

Tesh Mbaabu, CEO - MarketForce

We have been able to reduce cash transaction volumes and offer our customers a seamless payment experience

Ross Breeders