You don’t need to write code or have a website to get paid online

In less than 5 minutes, create a link and send it to your customers via any messaging app and get paid in just a few minutes.

Any point of contact becomes your checkout

Receive funds from your customers using a link that can be sent through any channel.

Chat, social media, in-store, Email, SMS, Messenger. 

The link can be used anywhere you can drop a link, including websites and messaging apps.

Best way for your clients to pay for goods or online services

Enable fast and simple payment experiences within any social media platform or/and upon delivery of goods to the customer. 

Your customers receive a web link which when clicked redirects them to a web page with their bill/invoice summary and different payment options are availed.

Keep track of each payment request

Access a reporting dashboard for link generation and usage. Ensures online payment data is correctly reflected in your accounting books, no transactions are missed, and each part of a transaction belongs to the right category in the books.

Collect, disburse, and start engaging with your customers today!

Businesses around the world trust us

Since going live with this Tingg, we’ve noted that customers are expressing pleasure in having this simplified way of paying. It’s clear that this improves their customer experience when they visit our shops by reducing the morning queues at distribution points during high traffic times.

Lake Harvest

We have already processed millions of transactions in 2021 alone. We have served over 550,000 unique consumers through a network of over 100,000 merchants, across all the major Kenyan towns


We have been able to reduce cash transaction volumes and offer our customers a seamless payment experience

Ross Breeders