How to Choose a Gateway for Online Payments & List of Available Payment Gateways in Nigeria & Kenya

Africa's Popular Digital Payment Options

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Gateways for online payments are the digital version of the POS terminal found in a physical store. Like a POS machine, a payment gateway receives and processes a customer’s payment details, and then notifies the customer if their transaction has been successful or not. As an eCommerce business owner, it is important to get familiar with the available types of gateway for online payments, and how you can make the right choice for your online store.


Types of Gateway for Online Payments Processing

Payment gateways can be designed differently to fit various business needs. For example, large businesses that can afford the required software infrastructure might prefer a payment gateway that can process customer transactions on the same eCommerce website without the need for a third-party service provider. This type of gateway is referred to as an integrated payment gateway. 

On the other hand, another business might prefer a gateway that allows them to pass the responsibility of payment processing to another platform. This type of gateway is often referred to as a third-party payment gateway.


Integrated Payment Gateways: How It Works, Pros & Cons

An integrated payment gateway also known as a hosted gateway works by eliminating any third party in the payment process. Companies that use integrated gateways handle the entire process from storing, encrypting, routing, verifying and authorizing payment on their website server. To run an integrated payment gateway a company must build its payment processor and obtain PCI DSS compliance as a payment processing company. Some companies make use of prebuilt white-label gateways, however, they are responsible for implementing and managing the system.


More control over transactions process and ability to directly improve customer’s payment experience.


Initially expensive and requires advanced in-house technical capabilities to build and manage.


Third-Party Payment Gateways: How it Works & Benefits

A third-party gateway is the exact opposite of an integrated payment gateway. It works as a hosted gateway for online payments, taking customers away from your site to a payment gateway platform by your preferred service provider. Once the payment has been processed,  the third-party gateway redirects them back to your site with a success message. Third-party payment gateways are also called redirect payment gateways.


  • Easy to set up, requires no technical skills and minimum fees per transaction
  • Accessible to all kinds of businesses including small businesses 


Little control of the payment process and customer experience


List of Payment Gateways in Nigeria & Kenya

If you’re a business owner in Nigeria or Kenya looking for a list of payment gateways to choose from, here are some of the most popularly used payment gateways. 


List of Payment Gateways in Nigeria








List of Payment Gateways in Kenya




DPO Group

Africa Talking


The Tingg gateway is our most preferred of the listed payment gateways. Tingg is a hosted gateway which is available both in Nigeria and Kenya and is among the best payment gateways in Africa. It offers a variety of multi-currency payment solutions for online and physical businesses. With Tingg, businesses can accept various methods of electronic payments, like mobile money, QR code, Bank transfer, USSD, direct bank debit and digital wallets. 

Tingg is easy to set up and can be easily integrated into any eCommerce platform, allowing you to receive payments in multiple currencies. 


Get Started With the Leading Gateway for Online Payments

Join over 1000+ merchants across Nigeria and Kenya simplifying their online payment processing with Tingg. Visit tingg.africa to set up an account for your business today.

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