How to Select the Best Online Payments Service for Your Business

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Online payment services provide various businesses with solutions that enable them to receive electronic payments from their customers. However, because various businesses transact differently with customers, it is important to know which online payment service best fits your business. For instance, an eCommerce store typically requires an online payment gateway integrated into its checkout page to process payments. However, a physical store utilises a physical payment terminal instead and will need to have a card payment solution to complete transactions.

If you’re a business owner trying to decide what is the right type of online payment platform for you, here’s what we recommend you consider when selecting an online payment service for your business:

1. Your Business Payment Needs

The first thing to determine is if a payment service fits your business transaction methods. If your business runs both an eCommerce and a physical store, it would be highly beneficial to patronize an online payment platform that offers both eCommerce payment processing and in-store payment services. If your business operates directly with customers via social media or emails without any kind of store in place, then you should look for an online payment platform that can generate shareable payment links or online payment forms to send to clients.

2. Accepted Payment Methods

Another aspect to prioritise in selecting the right online payment service is the availability of different payment methods for your customers. Today, electronic payment comes in various forms, from cards to QR codes, bank transfers, digital wallets, etc. When your customers are able to conveniently make payments in any preferred method, it can boost their overall customer experience and give your business an edge.

3. Easy Setup Process

Setting up an online payment service for your business should be easy, with reliable 24/7 tech and customer support made available by the online payment platform. Be sure to do your research on the integration process for the payment service you choose and contact their customer support team to know more about how they can support you through the process.

4. Security

Equally very important is ensuring the online payment platform you choose complies with the Payment Card Industry security standard. Research the anti-fraud measures and identity protection technology that the payment services have in place for your customers.


4 Best Online Payment Services in Nigeria and Kenya

Based on the four criteria above, here’s a list of highly recommended and reliable online payment services for various types of businesses, whether online or physical.

1. Tingg Checkout – Best Online Payment Gateway for Ecommerce

Tingg checkout is a trusted and reliable payment gateway that enables eCommerce businesses in Nigeria and Kenya ​​to accept payments from their website or business app. The Tingg checkout payment service has an easy integration process so you can seamlessly connect our payment gateway to any type of eCommerce platform you use. The Tingg Checkout payment gateway accepts payment in multiple currencies and various electronic payment methods including card, direct bank debit, bank transfer, USSD, QR and Mobile Money.

2. Tingg Payment Link – Best Online Payments Solutions for Online Businesses

Tingg Payment Link is an online payment service designed for businesses that operate online but do not have an eCommerce platform. This payment solution works by generating a shareable payment link that you can share directly with your customers through any messaging platform. When clicked, the link sends your customers to a web page containing an invoice summary and various payment options to choose from in completing the transaction. 

3. Tingg Instore – Best Card Payment Solution for Physical Businesses

Tingg Instore is a contactless card payment solution for physical businesses in Nigeria and Kenya that does not require you to have a POS terminal. This proximity payment service simply works using QR code technology allowing customers to scan and pay for any transaction via any preferred electronic method. Customers can also pay using a unique USSD code generated for the particular store.

4. Tingg Payment page – Secure Payment Gateway & Page for all Businesses

The Tingg Payment Page is an online payment service that works as a payment form integrated with a secure payment gateway from Tingg to process customers’ transactions seamlessly. This solution can be used by physical and online businesses simply by sharing the page link with customers. Tingg’s secure payment gateway accepts various electronic payment methods including Mobile Money, Card Payments and Bank Transfers.


Enjoy Robust Online Payment Services with Ting Africa

Give your business an edge by offering customers convenient payment options and a seamless transaction experience with Tingg Africa’s online payment services. Tingg is currently the online payment platform choice for over 10,000 merchants in Nigeria and Kenya offering simplicity and reliability for accepting online payments.

Set up a Tingg account for your store, Visit tingg.africa today.

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