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Have you ever heard of Tingg by Cellulant? No? Well, let me tell you about it. Tingg by Cellulant is a payment platform that allows businesses to accept and make easy, safe and secure digital payments.

We collaborate with over 300 partners, including 12+ global, regional, and local bank switches and aggregators across 35+ countries, to provide over 60 million people with access to financial services and process more than 350 million transactions daily.

Before we proceed, here is a brief history of Tingg by Cellulant.

Our Story

The co-founders of Cellulant had met for random coffee but then the conversation was so intense that the idea of Cellulant came to life. In fact the initial concept and business plan was drafted on a serviette. Interesting, right?

Cellulant then started as a ringtone service provider but due to the growing need for digital financial services, the business later pivoted to digital payments. We launched the first mobile wallet for most major banks to run with or without internet connectivity. 

We then added agency banking, money transfer & bill payments into our payment platform and expanded our footprint from Kenya to Zambia, Botswana and Ghana. We also began to advance a converged payments ecosystem bringing together Banks, Merchants, Mobile Network Operators & Consumers. 

Our desire to create opportunities for all Africa through driving economic growth culminated in the birth of Tingg by Cellulant.

Tingg by Cellulant Products

We have always worked to deliver solutions that meet the needs of African businesses, regardless of size or sector. Tingg products are locally relevant and are easily customizable to any business type looking to improve their digital payments management or make the switch from cash entirely. 

In order to facilitate safe and secure payment processing, Tingg offers different digital payment solutions.

The products are:

  • Checkout
  • Instore
  • Payment Pages
  • Payment Links
  • Payouts


Tingg Checkout allows you to collect and accept payments through mobile money, credit cards, or bank transfer on your website or app. This solution is perfect for any merchant or business that operates an e-commerce website.

Tingg Checkout offers collections across 283+ relevant payment methods (mobile money, cards & banks) across 22 countries in Africa. All these on a single payment platform offering you a unified view across transactions. 

In addition, you receive one settlement to your business’s preferred bank account and forex management with multi-currency support across 22+ currencies. We do the heavy lifting for you and provide you real time transactional updates.

Your customer will be able to make a single payment from different payment options in a single transaction. What this means is that your customers can complete a single transaction from multiple payment methods. This results in a lower rate of cart abandonment and improves your customers’ experience.

With a one-stop payment platform, there is no need to have a lot of people manage it. Integration is simple, with one contract required, saving developer time and effort. Overall, this means that you are able to free up business resources to focus on other revenue generating activities.


Tingg Instore allows you to accept digital payments such as mobile money, credit card, and bank transfers in your store. 

Whether it’s a shop, stall, pharmacy, supermarket or restaurant, Instore payments allow you to collect payments at a physical location. Size does not matter. From small single stores to large enterprises with multiple stores across regions or countries, Tingg Instore is for you.. 

What does this mean for your business? For one, you get a dashboard and tools to manage your business transactions with a single view across all payment methods, stores and counters.

What does this mean for your customers? They get to enjoy a seamless payment experience and the freedom to choose how to pay from all locally available digital payment methods, regardless of mobile network or bank.

How it works:

  • Business sets up a counter for single or multiple stores on the platform.
  • Customer pays via USSD by dialing the Tingg USSD number, followed by the counter code and then followed by the amount e.g *369*counter code*amount to pay# or by scanning a QR code representing the code displayed at the counter.
  • Each counter is given a counter code which customers can use as a reference when making payments.

Payment Pages

Do you run an Instagram or Facebook shop? Do you sell goods or services on social media or WhatsApp? Payment Pages is the solution for you. It allows small businesses selling on social media to accept digital payments without having to create a website or app.

Even then, you get to enjoy all the benefits of having a website. Sample this:

  • Your business gets a customized web page to fit your brand and specifications.
  • You also get a single dashboard and automated payment receipts.
  • Your customers can pay from various payment methods, including mobile money, card or bank transfers.
  • The user interface is easy to use and more importantly, secure. This is available for your customers on mobile or computer.
  • No developers or coding knowledge needed! 

Payment Links

Payment Links makes it easy for you to accept payments through simple automated links from anywhere in Africa.

With Payment Links, you can send out bills or invoices to customers to request for payment in just a few minutes. These links can be sent through SMS, social media messengers including WhatsApp, email and a variety of other channels your customers may prefer.

This solution is especially useful for your business if you issue sales order invoices, have recurring or scheduled billing cycles with your customers or if you collect payments on delivery of goods.

You can create payment links using Tingg’s web dashboard or by connecting Tingg’s APIs into your internal business tools and systems (such ERP, sales dispatch tools, etc.) to initiate payment requests.

Payment Links is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Request payment by entering customer details
  2. Share link
  3. Get paid!

Customers get automated periodical reminders until they settle the payment. This means faster payments for you, reduced manual interventions to follow up on payments.


Payouts allows you to easily make bulk payments from a single platform. 

With Payouts, your business can send value to other organizations or individuals in several forms, including money, airtime and prepaid mobile internet/data bundles.

Payouts is for your business if you process bulk payouts to staff or vendors in a country or across multiple countries. You can also leverage the solution to get your operational bills paid on time.

With Tingg Payouts, you will be able to manage reconciliation, float management, reporting and support on a single platform. This can be either on the Tingg web platform or via our easy-to-integrate APIs that directly connect with your existing ecosystem.

Network coverage

Banking support in 10 countries across 60+ banks

Mobile money support in 10 countries across over 19 mobile network operators

Airtime support in 16 countries over 39 mobile networks, mobile money wallets, bank accounts

How Can Tingg by Cellulant Help You Grow Your Business?

There are many reasons why you should consider Tingg by Cellulant for your business.

  1. Increased Security – Tingg payment solutions include enhanced security features to assist prevent data breaches and fraud. In addition, we follow strict regulations in every jurisdiction to ensure your funds are protected and you have a real-time view of all transactions.
  2. Boost Productivity – Tingg eliminates manual tasks including data entry, invoice processing, and customer dispute resolution, Therefore you and your staff will have ample time to focus on the key issues of your business.
  3. Meet Customer Demand – Consumers today are merging their online and offline buying. With Tingg, you can satisfy your customer expectations by providing a consistent experience across all sales channels since they’ll be able to pay you using their preferred payment options.
  4. Grow Your Customer Base – African consumers are increasingly shopping online. If you run a physical shop, Tingg lets you easily incorporate online payments to your service offering, meaning you are able to reach customers far and wide, growing your customer base.
  5. Sell more – Your company will make more sales with Tingg because all of this online consumer traffic is leading to purchases. 

Tingg by Cellulant Partners: Our Payment Platform Customers

For the reasons above and many more, many customers choose us and have been using Tingg for years. We serve some of the biggest names in every industry in Africa. Some of them include:

  • Emirates – A leading global airline company.
  • Booking.com – The world’s leading digital travel company
  • Glovo – One of the world’s leading on demand courier service company  
  • Jumia – Africa’s leading e-commerce company.
  • Multichoice – Africa’s number one broadcasting Pay Tv Company
  • Marketforce– The fastest growing digital retail distribution company in Africa
  • Ethiopian Airlines – Africa’s largest airline company.
  • Safaricom– Kenya’s leading telecommunications company.
  • Naivas Supermarket – Kenya’s largest supermarket chain (72 Locations)
  • Absa – Africa’s leading bank and financial services provider.
  • GT Bank– Serves almost 8 Million customers across Africa.
  • UBA  – One of Africa’s most popular banks, serving more than 27 Million Customers.


Tingg by Cellulant is the ideal solution for any business that needs to accept digital payments from customers anywhere in Africa at any time. Our easy-to-use online payment platform will help your business, whether big or small, meet the changing needs of consumers.

To be part of the Tingg Family, click here to get started. Or reach out to us on the chat bubble below and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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