Why Is Everyone Excited About Tingg Checkout?

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Do you remember the times when you couldn’t have imagined selling online in Africa? Every business had to have a physical store, a shop or a stall. Well things have changed and they have changed for the better.

Selling online has transformed the nature of doing business in Africa. You don’t need to have a physical anymore. You can sell directly from your website. Even businesses with physical stores,  both enterprises and SMBs have adopted e-commerce as a way of doing business.

E-commerce checkout is changing the way Africans shop. It’s more convenient and efficient than ever before, and it’s quickly becoming the preferred way to make purchases.

The challenge came up when it was time to collect payments. Businesses were struggling to find a safe and secure platform that will allow them to collect and manage payments. That’s when Tingg Checkout came in to save the day 


Tingg checkout is a platform  allows you to collect and manage from 40+ countries across Africa & securely process online payments using any payment channel of choice.‌

When your customer logs onto your website and they have selected their product and service of choice, they are able to pay from their most preferred payment option, whether it’s by mobile money, card payment, USSD, QR Code  or direct  bank transfer.

Tingg checkout comes in two forms , Express checkout and Custom checkout. Fox express checkout, you, the business owner will be able to direct your customers to a different webpage that will be managed by Tingg for them to complete the payment.

The page will be branded to fit in with the website look and feel so that your customer feels confident about  where the payment is made.

For custom checkout, you will be provided with an API that will be integrated in your website or app for you to control your customers  checkout payment experience.

So Why Should You Use Tingg Checkout?

Tingg Checkout allows you to collect payments from 283+ relevant payment options across 40+ countries giving you a large market for your product and services.

With Tingg checkout, all your payments are settled in your preferred bank account making it easy for you to reconcile and manage your payments. 

Tingg Checkout also has forex support capabilities payments from 22+ worldwide currencies increase your capacity to easily do business transactions  in different markets.

Tingg Checkout comes with an efficient split payment management option which enables your customers the ability to complete a single transaction from multiple payment channels. 

If they are buying a product but they don’t have enough money in their mobile money account, they can top up the payment using a different payment option such as card payment or direct card transfer.

This not only gives you a competitive edge over your competitors, but also translates into impressive conversion rates for your online store as customers can consolidate funds and not abandon payments.‌

You and your staff will be availed with dashboard that can be accessed on web or an app that has timely records of difference transactions to help not only in solving emerging issues but also managing the overall payment system  


Previously Tingg Checkout attributed a revenue increase of approximately 5% – 7%. This is from realizing substantial value by minimizing costs of building and running their own payments platforms and better extending and customizing their aAbility to accept online payments. 

Overall Tingg Checkout businesses/institutions will lower their processing costs of online transactions by 20% over 5 years.

Tingg by Cellulant is the most trusted payment gateway in Africa, powering Payments for multinationals as local businesses such as Emirates Airlines , Booking.com, Ethiopian Airlines,  Glovo, Kenya Airways, Uber, Bolt Jambojet among others.

To be part of this amazing payment ecosystem, Talk To Us Today.

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