Introducing A New Way Of Collecting Rent In Africa. 

Introducing A New Way Of Collecting In Africa

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Rent collection is the most important part of owning a residential or commercial property in Africa or anywhere in the world. 

Naturally, as a landlord, you’d want to collect rent in a simple, secure, and organized way that makes it possible to easily reconcile payments and maintain accurate records that will be helpful when it comes time to pay taxes or resolve any issues that may arise in the future, like refunds for repairs or deposits.

There is simply no justification for a landlord to continue collecting rent via cash payments or accepting checks in the modern era of technology and digital payments. 

These outdated, risky, and slow methods of payment just make life more difficult for everyone.

So, Let me introduce you to a modern and less complicated way of collecting rent that’s easy and safe not only for you but for your tenants as well.

Collecting Rent Via Payment Links 

Payment Links is a new payment service provided by Tingg by Cellulant.

It’s built to enable African entrepreneurs like yourself to accept and collect payments from clients more swiftly without the need for a website, an app, or any other kind of programming interface.

You just have to log on to Tingg.Africa and then create unique links from the Tingg Business Dashboard and instantly share them with their customers, in this case, your tenants.

Once the link is created you can send it out to your tenants via email, SMS, chat, Whatsapp or even Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Whichever platform you prefer. 

On receiving the link, your tenants will be directed to a payment page fully customized to the look and feel of your preference, allowing them to pay through the different payment options.

These options include Mobile Money such as M-Pesa, Airtel Money, MTN, Vodafone, or Card Payments i.e Mastercard and Visa or direct bank transfer.

The money will be credited into your account instantly, regardless of which currency you are paid from and you will receive instant notifications of each individual payment on your web-designated web portal or app provided by Tingg by Cellulant. 

Payment links come with a dashboard that you can access via the web for easy reporting and safekeeping of all rent transactions.

What are you waiting for? Talk to us and we’ll set you up. 

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