The 1’s And 2’s Of Tingg Payouts

The 1's And 2's of Tingg Payouts

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Finding the ideal mass payout solution that works for international mass payments is a big challenge for businesses in Africa, whether they are large or small and medium-sized.

They need  a mass payout solution that can simplify and automate such payments, whether they are for paying employee wages, paying vendors, making reimbursements, paying utility bills, or sending airtime, data bundles, or money to other businesses or individuals.

An ideal mass payment solution may adapt to a company’s changing needs, such as when it expands to other cities and must pay more power bills, when it hires more people, etc.

And that’s where Tingg Payouts comes in.

Let’s Talk About Tingg Payouts 

Tingg Payouts Allows You to Easily Make & Manage Different Online Payments From A Single Platform.

With Tingg Payouts, businesses don’t have to log into multiple systems to manage different types of payments. 

Through a single platform any   type of business can consolidate all their payments on a single platform, managed from a single user interface with easy to use APIs.

They can also be Pay and get paid in multiple currencies through a single operational account which is  accessible in respective currencies and can be used to make payments and receivables.

Notwithstanding being able to send money to other businesses or individuals either to their respective bank accounts  or mobile money  wallet in forms of digital cash. 

This also comes with the capability to send airtime, send data bundles or pay their bills.

We are able to do this effectively because we have an incredible  Network coverage of banking support in 10 countries across 60+ banks.

Mobile money support in 10+ countries in Africa across over 19 mobile network operators such as Mpesa, Airtel Money, Vodafone, MTN, Orange Money, and airtime support in 16 countries over 39 mobile networks.

In 2022, we are growing our coverage to 20 airtime markets, 12 mobile money markets & 5 bank markets.

And These Are Some of The Benefits….

  • Multi-user control

Tingg Payouts allows multiple users within the same company to have their separate login and dashboards. This is especially useful for companies that have multiple offices and want people from each office to manage payouts for that location.

The administrator can add their teammates from different offices and assign them roles as well as limit their permissions for certain actions such as making the payment or uploading bills, etc.

  • Payments Scheduling

It becomes more challenging to keep track of everything that needs immediate  attention when a business grows in size. This causes a lot of things to slip through the gaps, which is something that any business should strive to avoid.

As there are more and more payments to be made, mass payouts can be challenging to track. Because of this, Tingg Payouts  enables the scheduling of all payouts in advance of their due dates, ensuring that no payments are ever missed.

  •      Ease of  reconciliation

While Tingg Payouts ensures all the payments go through without fail, it also allows businesses to reconcile their payouts with a single click. The Tingg  dashboard gives businesses visibility into every payout for reconciliation.

We also go above and beyond to offer users customized analytics to help in the analysis of their monthly or yearly expenditures. By doing this, businesses are able to see a clear picture of their monthly cash flows, the status of their outstanding debt, etc.

Logg on to Tingg.africa today sign up and let’s solve your payout problem once and for all.

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