How Jambojet Is Enhancing Customer Experience With Digital Payments

How Jambojet Has Leveraged Digital Payments to Stay Ahead of the Customer Experience Game

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Jambojet Limited is a Kenyan low-cost airline with daily flights to 8 different destinations. It launched its maiden flight on 1st April 2014 and has grown to be the largest low cost airline in East Africa carrying nearly 1 million passengers annually, up from 400,000 in its first year of operation. 

Today it has daily flights to and from: 

  • Nairobi
  • Diani
  • Lamu
  • Mombasa
  • Kisumu
  • Eldoret
  • Malindi
  • Goma 

Jambojet’s excellent customer service has been a major factor in the company’s expansion.

It’s not simple to connect with and understand all of the various customer wants, especially in today’s highly competitive environment where new airlines are popping up all the time. However, Jambojet is skilled at delivering consistently high-quality services that meet the demands of its customers, which is why it is the most popular low-cost airline in the market.


Given their attention to customer needs and preferences, Jambojet was aware that customers on the ground were using mobile money everyday to transact. They needed a payment gateway that merged this preferred payment method with their operations.

They needed a payment gateway that was safe, secure, easy to use and one that was most trusted by the general public. Most importantly how they were going to integrate with their system in order to reconcile payments and the issuance of tickets in real-time.

Manual reconciliation was also not an option for a company processing 650,000 transactions and growing exponentially. This would have been time-consuming and required additional staff which would have been unsustainable and made it difficult to scale their operations to new markets. 

“We would need a floor of people who would be confirming, confirming and then releasing the ticket.”

Karanja Ndegwa, Jambojet CEO & MD


Jambojet decided to partner with Tingg by Cellulant which is the most trusted payment gateway in Africa to help them collect digital payments and integrate seamlessly into their system.

Jambojet CEO, Mr. Karanja Ndegwa was impressed at how fast the Tingg Checkout process is: Within seconds, a passenger makes payment, receives the payment details and gets the ticket instantly. At the same time, all this information is relayed to the Jambojet system with payment settlement and confirmation, enabling the seamless reconciliation of payments with the issuance of tickets. 

‘Booking a ticket now takes less than three minutes!”

Karanja Ndegwa, CEO MD Jambojet 

For a customer, booking a ticket is instant and done from anywhere in the world. The seamless integration into all digital payment platforms, regardless of what mobile network or bank the customer uses is also a big deal for Jambojet.

Tingg has powered Jambojet digital payments for over seven years.

Not only has Jambojet been able to provide a smooth and enjoyable flight experience to the 8 destinations, the airline has also  been able to meet consumer needs since by:

  • Availing seamless payment options.
  • Making flights affordable to the majority of the local population.
  • Offering loyalty programs and rewards to its passengers, including through its partnership with Tingg.

Jambojet and Tingg’s partnership has expanded from payment processing to marketing campaigns to boost both brands in the market. We look forward to growing this partnership to greater heights as we put the customer first.

Interested in how you can leverage Tingg Checkout for your business payments? Tingg serves all sizes of businesses to help them take advantage of the digital payment popularity and stay ahead of the game. Talk to us.

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