What You Didn’t Know About Tingg Instore.

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What You Didn’t Know About Tingg Instore 


In a world where the internet is much more than a way to communicate, digital payments have grown rapidly to become an integral part of our lives in many ways, especially in Africa.

For consumers, paying digitally means the ease and convenience of not having to carry cash all the time. On the other hand, businesses think of digital payments as a way to not only easily collect payments but a seamless way to link it  with other business operations.

About Tingg Instore 

In line with Cellulant’s  mission of Accelerating Africa’s Economic Growth through digital  Payments, Tingg by Cellulant launched Tingg Instore. 

Tingg Instore is a proximity payment service  that allows customers to make digital payments to businesses with physical locations, without the need for complex hardware or software.

Instore is a service for business with physical locations such as  the different kinds of shops, chemists, restaurants, coffee shops among others. It mainly allows you as a business owner to collect payments in different forms apart from cash.

With instore a customer can pay you from their mobile money wallets e.g Mpesa, Airtel Money, MTN etc. They can also pay  you via card payment or make a direct transfer from their bank account. This is regardless of the different currencies.

For you as a business owner , it’s very convenient because Instore is set up such that all transactions regardless of payment method, are collected and sent into a centralized bank account. This makes it very easy for you when reconciling.

Tingg Instore will also be able to provide you with  a dashboard that can be accessed through a mobile app or a web app. You will  be able to have a view of  all the transactions made when and through which payment method. You will be able to access a daily, weekly and monthly report so that you can review your business performance.

You will also get instant notifications of payments from the different customers so that you can easily clarify any payment issues that may arise. This also allows you to take note of split or partial payments .There is also an option to send payment requests  to your customers as and when needed.

With Tingg Instore say goodbye to operational costs of handling of cash, theft, fake notes etc… We can detect fraudulent transactions from a mile away to make sure you are safe from any legal issues.

Stand out from the rest by having Tingg Instore installed in your shop. Also we do this with no extra costs or service fees . We also provide 24/7 technical support in case you need help with anything.

We are trusted by the following multinationals to power their proximity payments  

Talk to us today, We can’t wait to hear from you.

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